Ford is one of the biggest automotive brands in the nation. Drivers lease Ford vehicles more than nearly any other vehicles in the industry. Within the Ford family, there are a select number of especially popular vehicles to lease, thanks to the benefits and features they can offer to motorists. 
16 Ford Focus

2016 Ford Fusion

Ford's other popular sedan model, the Ford Fusion, really highlights the best technology that Ford has to offer drivers. The 2016 Ford Fusion comes with standard features like a rear view camera and Ford SYNC to make driving even easier. Its available safety systems like Active Park Assist also make each drive more secure. 

2016 Ford Edge

In a sea of bland crossover vehicles, the 2016 Ford Edge really stands out in the crowd! The Edge showcases the expert craftsmanship and design that Ford engineers put into each of their vehicles. From the exterior to the interior design, the Ford Edge is one very well-made machine. 

2016 Ford F-150

No list of the most popular Ford vehicles is complete without the Ford F-150. This truck defined what it meant to be "Ford Tough"! Now, equipped with an aluminum-alloy body, the 2016 Ford F-150 is more durable and dependable than ever before. Considering how reliable the model has been in the past, that's a real testament to the commitment of the Ford brand!