Ford was recently awarded the title of Best Global Green Brand, and as the bearer of that honor, the brand offers a variety of eco-friendly cars for drivers to enjoy. Whether you're looking for a hybrid or an EV, Ford has a few different options for you to choose from. 

Ford Fusion Hybrid/Energi
If you're looking for a stylish and innovative car that still does its part in saving the environment and conserving fuel, the 2016 Fusion Hybrid features an attractive and sporty design in addition to fuel-saving features like regenerative braking, which allows the battery to replenish itself while you're driving. Plus, the Fusion Energi is an available plug-in model that allows shorter distances of all-electric driving, and is an even cleaner alternative to the standard Ford Fusion. 

Ford C-MAX Hybrid/Energi
With both a hybrid and plug-in electric model available, drivers looking for an eco-friendly option can easily opt for the Ford C-MAX, which provides all the spaciousness of a hatchback or wagon in the form of a hybrid. The 2.0-liter hybrid powertrain generates best-in-class power and is more nimble than other entries in the hybrid class. The C-MAX Hybrid is the standard hybrid which gets 42 mpg in the city, whereas the C-MAX Energi is the plug-in option, which offers up to 95 MPGe in the city. 

Ford Focus
The Focus is known for its sport sedan feel, and now drivers can enjoy this agile and athletic sedan in the form of an electric vehicle. The 110-MPGe range is not to sneer at, and you can track your efficiency via the next-generation SmartGauge technology. Regenerative braking helps on that front, too. Of course, the 2016 Focus is known for its stylish look, too, so you get all the benefits of the Focus's sleek design and a set of standard 17-inch aluminum wheels to complete the sporty feel.