With hybrid cars on the rise and showing gasoline cars some real competition, the decision over whether or not to get one gets much more difficult. But hybrid cars have some amazing features, so let's go over some of the benefits of driving a hybrid car: 

  1. Reduced Fuel Costs - Perhaps the most obvious benefit of driving a hybrid? The money it'll save you on gas. A battery-assisted vehicle does wonders for your car and your wallet, with some hybrids boasting an average of 50 mpg.
  2. Less Emissions - Everybody wants to do their part of helping the environment. Hybrids produce significantly less greenhouse gases and therefore help to keep the air clean. Their tailpipes are so clean that they don't have to undergo yearly emissions testing, which can save you time and money.
  3. No Idling - You won't waste gas or emit pollution when you're idling. As soon as the car is rolled to a stop, the battery pack takes over and the internal combustion engine shuts down.
  4. Improve Driving Habits - Owning a hybrid will almost force you to be a better driver. Hybrid cars will award you for being easier on the gas and brakes.
  5. Stylish Hybrids Exist - Don't think you have to compromise on your flare for style and performance. Sedans and even hybrid crossovers exist, and have plenty of flare, too.
  6. HOV Lane Access - Car pooling gets you access to the HOV lane, which is great in a traffic jam. But most times, even if you are alone, you can use this lane when in a hybrid as a reward for its reduced tailpipe emissions.
  7. High Resale Value - Hybrid cars are sold in smaller numbers and are more rare, so your resale value can be much better than gasoline cars.
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